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Trusting Social Sees the future of Retail Banking in AI, presented in a co-hosted seminar with the Vietnam Banks Association

Posted byTrusting SocialinHot Newsat2/18/2020

With the attention of leading bankers, investors and fintech entrepreneurs, and members of the media, Trusting Social's Group CEO, Mr.Nguyen An Nguyen unveiled the latest AI development in lending and Retail Banking.

The spotlight of his talk included the current advancement in AI and how this technology brings new credit opportunities, better credit experiences, and drastically changing retail banking in Vietnam. Mr. Nguyen also shared his view on the underline problem of in-house credit scoring methodologies, which leads to lengthy paperwork and results in unpleasant customer experiences.

After addressing current challenges for financial institutions to reach out to the untapped billions of "financially invisible" consumers, Mr. Nguyen laid out a new vision to leverage the power of AI for real-time credit scoring and seamless customer experiences.

"AI applications will pave new ways for retail banking. AI-powered banks will significantly benefit from frictionless processes without human errors. We believe AI will provide a transparent onboarding process with seamless customer experiences."

Mr. Nguyen An Nguyen, Group CEO, Trusting Social

Assembled guests then had an opportunity to hear Mr.Francois Hribovsek, Head of Digital Deployment and Solutions - Visa Southeast Asia share Visa's latest insight on the future of commerce where mobile payment is the key driver.

In the last session, audiences learn first-hand insights from a panel discussion with distinguished experts who have been pushing innovation in retail banking: Mr.Kalidas Ghose- CEO of FE Credit; Mr.Phung Duy Khuong- Deputy CEO of VPBank; Ms. DangTuyet Dung- Country Director, Visa Vietnam and Laos; Mr.Nguyen Thanh Phu- Director of OCB-COMB; Mr.Francois Hribovsek- Head of Digital Deployment and Solutions, Visa Southeast Asia; Mr. Tran The Vinh - CEO of Tima Group; Mr.Bharath Vasudevan- Chief Risk Officer of Trusting Social, and Mr.Nguyen An Nguyen- Group CEO Trusting Social.

The focused topics were to explore financial institutions' perspectives on the current challenges and how financing organizations can leverage AI to reach out to the unbanked population while creating a compelling lending experience.

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