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Trust Scores

Our alternative credit score is the most accurate one in the world and uniquely available to 500 million underbanked consumers in Asia

  • Credit Score
  • Fraud Score

Credit Score

Instantly evaluate borrower’s creditworthiness using only their phone numbers. This enables lending to underbanked consumers, real-time underwriting, minimizing credit and fraud risks and personalized product offerings to maximize profitability and market share.

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Why choose us?

Trusting Social's Credit Insight is the most accurate alternative credit scoring in the world. It is battle-tested on over 100 credit portfolios for the last 5 years in multiple markets.

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    Credit cards

    63% reduction in credit losses

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    Unsecured personal loans

    50% reduction in credit losses

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    Consumer durable loans

    63% reduction in credit losses

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    Motorbike financing loans

    48% reduction in credit losses

Why clients love this product

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    Save 50% credit losses

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    Quickly & confidently underwrite new-to-credit borrowers

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    Offer competitive products with risk-based pricing

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    Improve customer experience by fast tracking applications

Use Cases

Consumer Internet Platforms - Pay-Later Launch

A large online travel platform used our credit scores to underwrite their customer base for a new pay-later product resulting in GMV increase, improved customer stickiness and creation of a new profit vector.


A major consumer lending player in SEA implemented a fully automated underwriting process using our real-time credit scoring insights, allowing it to beat its competition in the speed of time-to-yes decisioning as well as in the depth of its reach to first time borrowers, thus gaining a dominant position in the region.

Fraud Score

A robust first line of defence against fraud for financial institutions and consumer Internet platforms. Probability of multiple types of fraud is effectively measured instantly at the point of application, based on anonymised telco data.

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Why choose us?

Trusting Social fraud scores provide powerful real-time insights at the time of customer onboarding, when little other data is available.

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    Identity fraud

    Identify cases of stolen identity

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    Promotion abuse fraud

    Set smart limits to access discount schemes

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    Incentive abuse fraud

    Block fake users triggering bonus payouts

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    Platform attack

    Prevent malicious accounts from causing damage to your business

Why clients love this product

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    Dynamically assign products and access limits to cut down fraud costs

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    Offer great customer experience and rewards to genuine users

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    Option to develop bespoke models for superior performance through custom settings

Use Cases

Consumer Internet Platforms - Fraud Prevention

Helping a leading mobility and e-wallet platform to effectively identify fraudsters among new user sign-ups to reduce losses, keep the platform running smoothly and deliver exceptional user experience to genuine customers.