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Smart Customer Acquisition

Acquired over $800 million of consumer loans in Vietnam

    Impact of Trusting Social

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    5,400,000 qualified leads

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    Up to 85% approval rate on pre-qualified leads

How it works

Design bespoke credit products for pre-approval

We define customer segments based on our Credit Insights (credit risk, income, employment, propensity to borrow and location), and work with banks to design pre-approved personal loans, credit cards & credit lines for each of the segments.

Identify pre-qualified customers

We pre-qualify customers of telcos and large consumer platforms for the bespoke credit products based on our Credit Insights.

Reach out to pre-qualified customers

We offer the pre-approved bespoke products to pre-qualified customers via SMS, in-app notification, social marketing, and checkout flows.

Forwarding decision engine

In case of multiple offers available, the lead will be forwarded to a lender with the highest conversion rate, based on lead profile and lender historical data.

Lender disbursement and risk performance feedback

Trusting Social continuously consolidates feedback from lenders to improve the forwarding decision engine, aiming to provide better customer experience where they are matched with the most suitable products, and help lenders maximize their business opportunities.

Further than connecting lenders and borrowers, Trusting Social works closely with lenders to monitor the risk performance of TS-introduced customer portfolios, providing early warning signals of potential fraud attacks.

Why choose us

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    Uncover and grow new consumer segments

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    Define the leadgen segments yourself

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    Optimized for disbursal rate

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    Tailored for a wide-range of borrower profiles