Credit scoring 2.0

Make lending faster, cheaper and friendlier

Traditional credit score checks if you pay the bills. Credit score 2.0 looks at who you are, what you do and what your potential is.

The Big
Competitive Edge

Lenders are dependent on limited credit bureau data and outdated credit scoring technologies.
Our Credit Scoring 2.0 solution helps lenders:

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    Capture untapped markets

    4.5 billions consumers worldwide are financially excluded just because banks do not have data on them. Our solution helps banks connect, understand and lend to them.

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    Streamline application process

    Lengthy application form kills conversion. By automatically extract and verify digital data, our solution enables frictionless loan application and real-time credit decisioning.

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    Reduce fraud and credit risk

    Our scoring solution gathers tens of thousands of data points to detect identity fraud, verify application data and evaluate credit risk.

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    Cut costs radically

    Using big data, leading US online lenders have cut operating expenses by up to 50% comparing to traditional banking. We now make the technologies available to every lender worldwide.

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What is
TrustingSocial score

TrustingSocial Score measures creditworthiness of an online identity in three dimensions

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    Authenticity measures how likely an online identity is real and trustworthy. Our fraud detection algorithm makes sure there is no suspicious behaviors.

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    Network quality

    Network quality measures the depth of the network, based on interactions with other people and their background.

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    Financial credibility

    Financial credibility estimates a person's income percentile based on her work history and education.

Our Technology

Our technology was built for scalability, fast deployment and flexibility.

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    Massive social and web data

    Our global database on people and businesses worldwide enables us to have unprecedented insights on customers.

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    Cutting-edge machine learning technologies

    We apply advanced data science to make sense of complex social data.

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    Fast testing and implementation

    You can get up and running with our pilot program in one day. See the value of social data to your business before subscribing to our solution.

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    Customizable to your need

    Our platform is flexible with modules tailored to social marketing, sale lead scoring, personalized offerings, and credit risk.