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Advancing data science and technology to deliver financial access for all

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1 billion+ scored customers in Asia

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Trusted by more than 130 financial institutions in India, Indonesia and Vietnam

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Over a million borrowers enabled every month

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$800 million in personal loans through Smart Credit Acquisition

Our Products

We offer AI-powered credit risk, identity and acquisition solutions to the lending industry to better serve 3 billion underbanked consumers

Our AI and Big Data Capability

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    120 billion records processed every week

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    AI technology at scale for a billion consumers

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    20+ Ph.D. data scientists and 80+ Master of Science

Ensuring data privacy and protection

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Explicit customer consent
1 billion+ scored customers in Asia
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On-Premise processing
All data stays and is processed inside the partner’s data center. Partner has complete control over all data inputs and outputs
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Anonymized data
We process only data which is masked, anonymized and aggregated. Personal information of data subjects is NOT used
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Legal compliance
We customize and implement processes and systems to comply with GDPR and local laws on data security and privacy protection

Trusted by leading Financial Institutions