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Trusting Social revolutionizes customer experience in the financial sector with generative AI agents built on Azure

Posted byMicrosoftinHot Newsat3/27/2024

We are thrilled to announce that Microsoft has featured Trusting Social's success story on their official website. This recognition marks a significant milestone in our journey of over a decade, championing the deployment of cutting-edge data science for financial inclusion.

Our mission has always been to enable banks to lend to the underserved, and we've been successful in partnering with over 130 financial institutions across Asia. We have built a suite of innovative products ranging from credit insights using alt-data to efficient eKYC solutions, all tailored to Asian markets.

In our pursuit of enabling personalized banking for mass-market consumers, we integrated Azure services and launched Agent Foundry, a generative AI platform of autonomous AI-driven agents. This platform has revolutionized how banks function and transformed the customer’s banking experience.

Our CEO, Nguyen Nguyen, firmly believes that "personalized banking is a right and not a privilege." Through our platform, we aim to reduce the cost of banking, making lending and banking services accessible to everyone. Today, we are proud to serve over 1 billion subscribers across Asia.

Microsoft has been an invaluable partner in our digital transformation and AI journey. We've seamlessly integrated our data platform with Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, and Azure Databricks, among others. This has allowed us to rapidly develop and deploy solutions, while also ensuring stringent security requirements and offering specific security settings based on our clients' unique requirements.

Our collaboration with Microsoft has been incredibly productive. Within six months, we introduced an e-Know Your Customer (eKYC) solution and launched the Agent Foundry platform. This generative AI platform, featuring multiple autonomous AI agents, has been a game-changer, automating complex tasks, boosting productivity, increasing customer loyalty, and enhancing revenue per customer.

Our first agent, ALICE, has already shown promising results in Vietnam, increasing customer satisfaction by 42% and spending for engaged customers by 10%.

We are excited about the future as we plan to expand our services into other sectors and continue to transform how businesses operate in the region. We invite you to stay connected with us for more updates and join us in this exciting journey!

Read the full story on Microsoft's website: https://customers.microsoft.com/en-us/story/1751482919190212988-trustingsocial-azure-banking-and-capital-markets-en-vietnam

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