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Trusting Social brings AI-powered agents to enterprises, backed by Microsoft Cloud and AI technologies

Posted byTrusting SocialinHot Newsat6/29/2023

Ho Chi Minh, June 29th 2023 - Trusting Social, a leading Asian fintech AI company, announced the launch of its Agent Foundry, an generative AI platform that provides trainable, AI-powered autonomous agents to enterprises. The Agent Foundry will integrate Microsoft Cloud and AI technologies. 

The platform’s soft launch took place during the signing ceremony for the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Trusting Social and Microsoft. This marks a strategic collaboration to develop a generative AI-based solution tailored for emerging markets, especially South East Asia including Vietnam, over the next 5 years.

At the event, Trusting Social showcased ALICE, a generative AI-powered sales and relationship management agent that helps brands to reach out to millions of consumers, ANANSI, a business and data analytics agent, and ALAN, an AGI-based software programming agent.

Foundry Agents combine high-level business reasoning with powerful Big Data predictive modeling, vast industry domain knowledge, a wide range of digital skills (from using office applications to advanced data analytics and coding), and enterprises’ rich customer data to assist knowledge workers become more productive.

Foundry Agents appeal to enterprises thanks to their design to adhere to high standards for data privacy, security, social sensibility and controllability, their ability to strictly follow business rules, learn on the job, and proactively take actions in a business context with minimal human supervision. 

Agent Foundry integrates Azure cloud services, which is secure and open-source friendly, and GitHub Enterprise, the  developer and productivity tool under the Microsoft for Startups Founder Hub program.

"Foundry Agents aim to help businesses transform themselves in the Age of generative AI," said Nguyen An Nguyen, CEO of Trusting Social. "We are thrilled to bring AGI products to the Vietnam and Southeast Asian markets. Foundry Agents empower human workers to focus more on creativity, strategic thinking, decision-making, and human interactions, instead of repetitive, quantitative, and mundane tasks.  These Agents aid humans in problem-solving rather than taking over their jobs as employees' creativity and judgment cannot be replaced. We expect a worker to employ dozens of autonomous agents for their daily tasks. They will increase the productivity of knowledge workers, lower the cost of servicing mass consumers, and transform the knowledge economy in the region."

Trusting Social aims to serve multiple industries, starting with the financial sector and soon expanding to consumer goods, telecommunications, and professional services. The launch of Agent Foundry is a significant milestone for Trusting Social, showing its decade-long commitment to advancing AI to enable businesses to serve mass consumers better with lower costs.

At the launching ceremony today, Trusting Social and Microsoft Vietnam also signed a two-year MoU on collaborative research & development. As part of the MoU, both sides will pursuit strategic research, technical development, and go-to-market collaboration. Trusting Social will integrate Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, services, solutions, and other technologies in connection with Data analytics, OpenAI, and cognitive services for an Azure AI project. 

Nguyen Quynh Tram, Country General Manager of Microsoft Vietnam, added, “We look forward to collaborating with Trusting Social to empower world-class financial access for the unbanked users. While AI is a defining technology of our time, we are optimistic that it will  benefit for the underserved communities in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.”

Last year, Trusting Social was also successfully selected to join the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, a new digital and truly inclusive platform for Founders in Asia. Under the program, Trusting Social was provided free access to Microsoft's technology, tools, and resources to develop its AGI-empowered tools to deliver financial access for all.

About Trusting Social 

Trusting Social is an innovative fintech company that uses AI to drive financial inclusion. Trusting Social's focus on technology and innovation has enabled it to deliver disruptive financial products to underserved communities in the region. Using advanced machine learning and AI technology, Trusting Social developed world-class credit scoring models and licenses them to top telcos in Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and the Philippines, serving over one billion subscribers. Trusting Social also developed the first eKYC solutions for top banks in Vietnam, winning the Fintech Challenge Award hosted by the State Bank of Vietnam in 2019. Most recently, Trusting Social created the first-ever digital onboarding process for pioneering partner banks and consumer brands to deliver innovative financial products to underserved consumers. Trusting Social is supported by renowned investors such as Masan, Sequoia Capital, BEENEXT, Tanglin Ventures, 500 Startups, Kima Ventures, and Genesis Alternative Ventures, among others.