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(Last update: 05/2024)

Candidates agree to this Privacy Notice and Disclosure of The Personal Data Consent Form ("Consent Letter") developed by Trusting Social Joint Stock Company to regulate the processing of Personal Data and our responsibility to protect Personal Data with the following content:

1. Definition

1.1. "Trusting Social" is Trusting Social Joint Stock Company, its respective subsidiaries, affiliates, associated companies (collectively "Trusting Social", "we", "us" or "our").

1.2. "Candidates" are job applicants or candidates for employment, partnership or ad-hoc engagements who are involved in our recruitment processes (collectively referred to as "you", "your" or "yours").

1.3. "Personal Data" is any information which can be used to identify you or from which you are identifiable. This includes but is not limited to your full name, title, gender, address, email address, contact number, work experience, salary history, educational background, language skills, qualifications, professional experience, professional license number, national identification number, passport number, picture (photo), images and motions captured by video cameras installed at Trusting Social's premises, also other personal and any other categories of Personal Data, which you may voluntarily provide to Trusting Social when submitting resume or curriculum vitae and any other supporting documents, during your recruitment process. Personal Data may also encompass the personal identification information of any referees that you provide to us.

2. Purposes of collecting and processing Personal Data

We typically collect, use, disclose or otherwise process Personal Data in accordance with this Consent Letter with your consent, or in compliance with applicable laws, such as where:

  • it is required for us to comply with legal requirements;
  • it is required for us to enter into or perform a contract with you; and/or
  • for our legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of any other persons, including but not limited to for the purposes set forth in this Consent Letter.

Specifically, Trusting Social may use Personal Data for the following purposes set out in the list below ("Purposes"):

  • Assessing and evaluating your skills, qualifications, interests against our career opportunities or suitability for employment with Trusting Social and to ensure a fair, inclusive and ethical recruitment process;
  • Communicating with you about the recruitment process and your application(s);
  • Enhancing any information that we receive from you with information obtained from Third Party Service Providers;
  • Verifying your identity and the accuracy of information provided, carrying out reference checks and conducting background checks (where applicable);
  • Considering you for other current or future jobs with us and to help us better understand, analyze and improve our application and recruitment processes;
  • Carrying out our obligations arising from any contracts entered into between Trusting Social and third parties in relation to your recruitment;
  • Creating and submitting reports as required under any applicable laws;
  • Carrying out administrative and human resources related processes within Trusting Social (such as to grant you access to Trusting Social's resources as an employee or processing any claims or complaints);
  • Detecting, preventing or otherwise addressing fraud, security or technical issues;
  • Seeking any professional advice (including but not limited to legal advice) in connection with any matter involving Trusting Social and/or you; and
  • For legal purposes, such as to facilitate our compliance with any laws, regulations, guidelines, customs, legal processes, governmental requests or court orders.

3. Sources of Personal Data

3.1. Directly from you

We collect your Personal Data when you provide it to us. For example, when you:

  • apply for a job opening via our career site, external job portals or via any other channels;
  • proceed through our recruitment process;
  • accept a job offer with us;
  • visit our career site (such as your traffic data, location data, weblogs and other related data);
  • contact us about your job applications and/or the status or progress of recruitment.

When you provide the Personal Data of other individuals to us, you represent and warrant that you have notified and sought the consent of these individuals that their Personal Data will be disclosed to us and may be processed for the relevant Purposes (such your referees, emergency contacts, next-of-kin, spouse or any other family members).

3.2. From other sources

We may collect your Personal Data from other sources. Such sources include:

  • Trusting Social employees who recommend or refer you as a candidate for a specific job opening;
  • Third party service providers that we utilize to facilitate and enhance our recruitment processes ("Third Party Service Providers") (e.g. recruitment partners who may recommend you as a candidate for a specific job opening, health screening centers who may provide a broad opinion if you are medically fit to take on the offered role);
  • Academic institutions (e.g. universities, colleges), previous employers and your referees in validating information that you have provided; and
  • Other publicly available sources that you may have published your Personal Data on, such as LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

In any event, Trusting Social will ensure to retain only Personal Data which is necessary and relevant for the purposes prescribed herein.

4. Disclosure of Personal Data

We need to share Personal Data with various parties for the Purposes. These parties include:

  • Our affiliates and/or subsidiaries;
  • Third Party Service Providers;
  • Legal advisors, law enforcement officials, governmental authorities or other related third parties (for compliance with any legal obligations); and
  • Any other third parties whom your Personal Data may reasonably be required to be disclosed to (e.g. to a current Trusting Social employee who had referred you for a job position with Trusting Social).

In certain situations, while applying for a job position with Trusting Social, your Personal Data may be collected directly by Third Party Service Providers in their capacity as an independent Data Controller and Processor (i.e. they do not process Personal Data for and on behalf of Trusting Social in accordance with Trusting Social's instructions, but determine their own purposes in processing your Personal Data). You acknowledge and understand that such Third Party Service Providers will process your Personal Data in accordance with their own policies and procedures and you should refer to their privacy notices and/or contact them to exercise any rights you may have in relation to your Personal Data that is in their possession.

5. Retention of Personal Data

  • For Candidate, Trusting Social will retain your resume or curriculum vitae, any other supporting documents include Personal Data provided during the recruitment process for contact if a vacancy for which you may be suitable. Until no longer needed, Trusting Social will securely delete or destroy your Personal Data.
  • For a successful Candidate, Trusting Social will transfer and store your Personal Data provided during the recruitment process to the file designated for a Trusting Social employee.

6. Your Rights Regarding Personal Data

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, you may be entitled to:

  • be informed about the processing of your Personal Data, except as otherwise provided by law;
  • consent or not consent to the processing of your Personal Data, except as otherwise provided by law;
  • access, edit, or request the editing of your Personal Data, except as otherwise provided by law;
  • withdraw your consent, except as otherwise provided by law;
  • request your Personal Data erased or to request the erasure of your Personal Data, except as otherwise provided by law;
  • request a restriction on the processing of your Personal Data, except as otherwise provided by law;
  • request us provide you with your Personal Data, except as otherwise provided by law;
  • object to us processing your Personal Data to prevent or limit the disclosure of personal data or use for advertising, marketing purposes, except as otherwise provided by law;
  • complain, denounce, or initiate legal proceedings in accordance with the provisions of the law;
  • request compensation for damages as prescribed by law when there is a violation of the regulations on the protection of your Personal Data, except when the parties have agreed otherwise or as otherwise provided by law;
  • self-protect in accordance with the laws or to request competent agencies or organizations to implement civil rights protection methods.

Kindly note that your request may be refused, and the exercise of your rights is subject to the conditions and limitations prescribed by law.

7. Amendments and Updates

Candidates understand and agree that this Consent Letter may be amended from time to time and will be notified to Candidates by posting on website https://trustingsocial.com/. The responsibility for checking and updating this changed information belongs to the Candidate. In case required by law, Trusting Social will collect the Candidate's consent to those changes.

8. How to contact us

If you have any queries about this Consent Letter or would like to exercise your rights set out in this Form, please direct your mail to us via data-privacy@trustingsocial.com with the following details:

Name: [*]
Address: [*]
Phone number: [*]
Email: [*]

In order for us to attend to your queries expeditiously, we prefer that inquiries be made via the online form.

9. General terms

9.1. This Consent Letter shall come into effect from the date the Candidate gives consent to this Consent Letter and serves as the Personal Data Processing Notice in accordance with applicable laws. The Candidate commits that they have read, understood, and agreed with the entire content of this Consent Letter.

9.2. This Consent Letter is solely designed to regulate the personal data processing activities in compliance with legal provisions. In other words, this Consent Letter is legally independent and does not depend on any contract for the provision of services between Trusting Social and the Candidate.

9.3. The Candidate has read, understood, agrees with, and commits to strictly implement the terms and conditions set forth in this Consent Letter. Matters not stipulated herein shall be executed in accordance with the law, instructions from competent state authorities, and/or any amendments or supplements to this Consent Letter at each period.

9.4. In case of disputes, the parties will first attempt to resolve them amicably through good faith negotiations. In the event that these negotiations do not result in a satisfactory resolution, either party may seek resolution from the appropriate legal authorities as per the law.