Credit scoring for the Information Age

Benefit of the TrustingSocial

TrustingSocial Score is designed to make lending to the underbanked faster, cheaper and friendlier.

  • Pre-screening new customers

    Pre-qualify customers based on their TrustingSocial Score.

  • Product personalization

    Personalize services for each customer. Offer the right products at the right moments in your customers’ life, every time.

  • Mobile marketing for new customers

    Create scalable marketing and customer acquisition channel with mobile networks. Help your potential customers sign up for your service seamlessly.

How TrustingSocial
Score works

We bring together Big Data technologies, advanced credit modelling and mobile data.

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    We use lots of mobile data

    Our proprietary Deep Learning models use alternative data such as telco data, under strict privacy controls, to build credit scores for consumers. Our clients are large banks and leading finance companies, who use our credit insights to create relevant products for underbanked consumers.