Credit scoring for the Information Age

Benefit of the TrustingSocial

TrustingSocial Score is designed to make lending faster, cheaper and friendlier.

  • Pre-screening new customers

    Defeat online identity fraud with TrustingSocial Authenticity Score. Pre-qualify customers based on their social status, ability to pay and credit worthiness.

  • Product personalization

    Personalize services for each customer, based on their lifestyle. Offer the right products at the right moments in your customers’ life, every time.

  • Social and Mobile marketing for new customers

    Create scalable marketing and customer acquisition channel with social and mobile networks. Help your potential customers sign up for your service seamlessly.

How TrustingSocial
Score works

We bring together Big Data technologies, advanced credit modelling, social, web and mobile data.

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    We use lots of social, web and mobile data

    Our scoring engine extracts petabytes of data from social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Weibo.
    We mix them with our global database on people and businesses to provide unprecedented understanding of consumers social and professional lives.

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    Smart algorithms for fraud detection

    Social profiles are easy to fake, but social interactions and behaviour patterns are not. We track hundreds of signals, to detect any anomalies in behaviour, network and interaction patterns.

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    Machine learning for financial credibility rating

    We leverage our massive database on salaries, jobs and companies to predict financial credibility. By combining social and behaviour factors to our risk scoring algorithm, we brought credit scoring to the next level.


Our API is designed for scalability and fast deployment.

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    Apply for Loan
    - In minutes -

    You add our social signup button to your online application form

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    - With Linkedin or Facebook -

    We request customers to grant access to their social data

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    Get Scored
    - In 5 seconds -

    We return TrustingSocial score to your servers in seconds.